My Camino de Santiago – A Day by Day Story – Roam Far and Wide

Following a travel writer’s blog for my virtual Camino


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12 Week Training Plan for the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage in Spain


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Thieves oil


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How to use Alipay in China like a local — Quartz


Questions I have:

1) I always switch to a local simcard when in HK/China and, therefore, have no access to my US number. How does this affect usage?

2) How does one keep track of receipts using either my or the story’s qr code?

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Japan trekking guide: Follow this 4-part itinerary for one awesome trip


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To JFK airport for the price of a subway ride (or 2) via F train and Q10 bus

I have been very annoyed at how the most common directions for public transportation to JFK airport ignore the q10 bus connection.Returning from a trip abroad where signage is multi lingual and clear to JFK felt very rude. And, having to pay $10.50+$1 (no senior discount for seniors) for the train to plane along with poor signage put me in high dudgeon.Unfortunately, I lost my glasses on the flight and needed to return to the airport to pick them up. Here was a perfect opportunity to try the Q10 bus route.This alternative is not for you if you are in a hurry or have a lot of luggage. But if you enjoy a public transportation adventure, why not?Grabbing the F train from Grand Central station was a bit of an adventure because on the weekends, all sorts of trains don’t run on their normal tracks.I took the #6 northbound to 59th and Lexington Ave, left the station and walked to 63rd & Lexington to take the F train to Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike stop (aka 80th street). Exit near the front of the train and follow signs for Q10 bus. This used 1 free transfer.The bus stops almost directly outside the subway station but on weekends, it only goes to 1 of the 2 stops. I almost missed my bus because I waited at the wrong one. Only the kindness of a stranger saved me from a “forever” wait. So read the bus signs carefully. I might have been charged again for this transfer since I used one already.15 stops later I was at JFK Terminal 5 and taking the “train to the plane” 1 stop (for free) to Terminal 4. It is also possible to walk but not wieldy.I followed the routes using Google maps and the mymta apps. Google maps gave me a tour like experience going from the middle class Kew Gardens to working class South Ozone Park neighborhoods. It also highlighted 2 live chicken purveyors as well as 3 roti restaurants. I never would have guessed otherwise.The pictures are a little higgledy piggeldy but show signage at the Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike stop as well as JFK terminal 5. They are geostamped but I can’t tell if that uploaded.More:Q10 Limited: I don’t know the route difference but both have the same start and endpoint.A JFK employee says it is possible to buy a discounted 10 pack train to the plane pass which has no expiration date. He also said that on weekends, the Q10 bus option is faster than using train to the plane for the entire trip.

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Korean Enoki Mushroom Pancakes – My Korean Kitchen


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Best Samgyetang in Seoul to Sooth Your Soul – Nylon Pink


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Best Korean Face Masks – IVisitKorea


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Top 5 Night Markets to Visit in Seoul [Updated 2019]


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