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jonnyontheroad: 108 Bows (108 배) : Korean Buddhism

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Han Yang Mart, the best Korean grocery in New York City

One Fork, One Spoon


Forget anything I ever said about any Korean grocery in New York.

The best place for Korean groceries, if you can get there, is Han Yang Mart in Flushing.  My friend Salley drove me there Saturday morning to pick up groceries for the Sunday dinner I was cooking at her place, and it has rejiggered my world.

What would be ideal, though, is if every time I went, I could find this amazing woman named Esther Jung.


Salley and I were standing by the tofu wondering which brands were best when Esther, a Korean American woman in her forties, jumped in.  She said, pointing to a big plastic tub with a tiger on it, “This is the best one.  Don’t buy anything else.  I wouldn’t take any other tofu if they gave it to me for free.”

It was like a dream come true.  I had always wanted a…

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A Match Made in Fermented Heaven

The Hangul Games

Like Tyson said about parking, everything in Korea isn’t golden. But, some things are. Take Makgeolli for example. This traditional Korean drink has stolen our hearts. And our time. From the day we first tried it, we knew we were a match. But it took some time for us to get to know each other better.

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