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Launch My Life episode 1 with Subs

Haven for You

Hi haveners~

I know everyone is anxious and wants to see the first episode of Launch My Life with YAI.  Thanks to fans at DCInside and our havener, kitsuneMD, for reposting the first episode, Stacy and I are able to work on the translations and the subtitles.

Unfortunately, it is very time consuming when it comes to translate and make the subtitles for such a long program.  So, please have patience.  The program runs for 40 minutes.  We will be working on by breaking it into four parts.  As soon as each part is done, I will post it here.

Again, thank you for your patience~ ^^ ~

Yoo Ah In – Launch My Life Ep.1-1 – English

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Review: Secret Love Affair by The Fangirl Verdict

Yoo Ah In SikSeekLand


A comprehensive, meticulous and yet captivating in-depth reviews of drama Secret Love Affair that I met so far, from the element of construction, cinematography, music, story, the moral issue, characters and acting, notable scenes, to metaphors and symbolism. We get to see once again that Secret Love Affair is truly a masterpiece and Yoo Ah In is indeed mesmerizing.

Yoo Ah In is simply outstanding as Lee Sun Jae. I honestly think that he was the choice to play Sun Jae; that literally, no one else would’ve done. – The Fangirl Verdict

It’s nothing short of masterful, and it – he – is completely mesmerizing. – The Fangirl Verdict

THE SHORT VERDICT: A drama that is a lot more measured and contemplative than its title – or its poster – might suggest. To my knowledge, a good number of viewers hesitate over this show for one or several of these reasons: it’s about adultery…

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Writerly Rants — Links to KDrama Secret Love Affair Commentary

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Teaching Half the Sky: From Policies to Practice in Girls’ Education | New York | Asia Society

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Makgeolli – The Aspartame-Free Edition

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FTLY Director’s Cut DVD

Stuck on Hyuk

Has been decided…Complete Director’s Cut! Not only the actual episodes including unreleased cuts, but also the commentary and the BTS films will all be edited by the directors! (DVD company said this is really rare, directors usually only do commentary, but our director was super cooperative)
DVD will include unreleased cuts, NG, BTS, interview (most likely director, JH, JNR, CJH) and commentary (most likely director, JH, JNR) (I heard the bonus films would be at least 300 minutes, possibly more than that…?)
They started accepting pre-payment from Korean fans. For international fans, separate page will be open for pre-payment after the holidays in Korea. 
Pre-payment is payment they receive before actually making the DVD. They give certain time frame for pre-payment (for Korean fans it is from Sep 6 to end of September) and they are trying to sell at least 1000 DVD. If it is far…

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