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Episode 7 New Preview | Marriage, Not Dating K-Drama Recap

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Rock N’ Road: First Impression and OST

Viki pushed this rom com onto my phone this morning, I watched the last episode which is adorable. Time to practice mandarin.

Rants about Dramas = Dramarants


I think I’ve found my new crack drama. Which is good because In a Good Way is ending soon and I’ll need another drama to replace it. The find? Rock N’ Road (A咖的路). (Side note: The English title is a cute take on the Chinese title, which literally means The Path to being an A-lister). It’s actually been airing for a while on TVBS, but hasn’t been very popular in Taiwan (it’s the lowest rated of its timeslot). Which is such a shame because it’s an underrated gem with a strong acting performance by Chris Wu and an amazing OST (not surprising since it’s a drama about music).

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