Chapter 1 : Hoon and Anna’s First Meeting

Late Autumn Korean Movie 2011

Note: I will divide the book into four chapters, since the scenarios sum up to 71 . This is reposted from the book Late Autumn.-Lyra


EXT- Exterior setting

INT-interior setting

OS (over the shoulder shot)

VO (Voice over)



A woman is walking down the street. People glance at her as they pass by but their gazes do not linger as they continue on their busy way. The woman walks for a long time. But then she turns around, revealing her face. It is ANNA (23) She has a busted lip and her face is covered in fresh bruises.

Lookingn unstable and frightened, Anna hesitates for a moment. Then she hurries back the way she came. Her steps grow faster and faster until she is running. We follow Anna until she is standing in front of an apartment building. Anna enters the building.

  • INT. ANNA’S…

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