review: Wonderful Season Episode 31-32



Everyone is wallowing in misery except Dong Hee and Ma Ri. But Dong Seok surprisingly finds an unlikely ally in Kang Daddy, Hae Won suddenly finds an ally in her mom. Family ties are slowly being mended, albeit cautiously. Dong Seok has finally given up his fantasy of running away with Hae Won and makes a couple of rational, pragmatic decisions, including the option of letting her go if things becomes too terrible to endure.

KD states a marriage is impossible between DS and HW, and then heads back to the house to try curry favour with SS. I kinda like how twin uncles are just pure horrified by their hyung. DS and HW decide to give it all this time: not forsaking their families, not forsaking each other, and just see how they will end up finally. DH and Ajumma have a heart-to-heart talk. KD is still refused staying…

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