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review: Wonderful Season Episode 35-36

I said I wouldn’t watch after the pregnancy but I can’t help it.



If Dong Seok and Hae Won pull a double-whammy noble idiocy stunt in the next episode, I will…I will…ARGH. Anyway, let’s talk happy things. Dong Hee and Ma Ri solidify their commitment towards each other with a sweet backhug and a sweeter kiss. And Lee Seo Jin decides to do me in with a little crooning and dimples…in a white shirt, no less. Heaven help us women who are his fans.


We see HW running like crazy with a big smile on her face: she manages to catch DS just before he heads off to work. She rushed all the way down to see his face. Now that she has, she can go. ERRRRRR. Might as well throw in a hug and a kiss. She could have just taken a cab. Sigh. But nope, the writer has to drive home the point how simple and idealistic she is. Or maybe…

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review: Wonderful Season Episode 29-30



The writer is playing with my feelings: fleeting happiness followed by impending doom. Thankfully, Dong Seok is still as steady ever, as a man, boyfriend, son and brother. His bromance with Dong Hee is heart-warming and I do enjoy the interactions between Ma Ri and Dong Hee. Woo Jin seems to be thinking more seriously about his relationship with Dong Ok after his chat with Dong Seok. And I dare say our handsome prosecutor seems to be the busiest person in these two episodes.

HW says if she does her best, she could receive forgiveness and understanding from the Kang family, yes? DS is quietly joyful and relieved and replies with an affirmative. The romantic moment is rudely interrupted by KD, who announces that their daughter-in-law is here. SS is surprised to see HW but is welcoming. Grandpa asks the couple to see him in his room, glad they are…

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review: Wonderful Season 33-34



The OTP award for the drama goes to Lee Seo Jin + Yoon Yeo Jung. These two actors never fail to bristle with heart-tugging gravitas when it’s just the two of them in same frame.Their delivery was simmering perfection in the scene where Dong Seok begs So Shim to cry and grieve for Grandpa. I couldn’t respect Yoon Yeo Jung more. I couldn’t love Lee Seo Jin more.



Grandpa gives in to HW and DS, but SS remains indignant. The Kang men celebrate, though fatter twin uncle is reluctant. But DH forces him to pour a shot for DS. HA! So cute, so sweet. Bromance forever! Later, when only DS and reluctant uncle are left, DS insists he wants a heartfelt congratulatory toast from him. Meanwhile, SS treats HW coldly. DO returns, and both DS and KD notice she is all dressed up and looking despondent.


DO mopes in her…

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Big E16 finale

Want to see after seeing Finding Mr. Destiny (another double role for GY) and this is the only post giving generous analysis of the ending.


Watching them say goodbye tugs at your heart…translations below.

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Chapter 1 : Hoon and Anna’s First Meeting

Late Autumn Korean Movie 2011

Note: I will divide the book into four chapters, since the scenarios sum up to 71 . This is reposted from the book Late Autumn.-Lyra


EXT- Exterior setting

INT-interior setting

OS (over the shoulder shot)

VO (Voice over)



A woman is walking down the street. People glance at her as they pass by but their gazes do not linger as they continue on their busy way. The woman walks for a long time. But then she turns around, revealing her face. It is ANNA (23) She has a busted lip and her face is covered in fresh bruises.

Lookingn unstable and frightened, Anna hesitates for a moment. Then she hurries back the way she came. Her steps grow faster and faster until she is running. We follow Anna until she is standing in front of an apartment building. Anna enters the building.

  • INT. ANNA’S…

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review: Wonderful Season Episode 31-32



Everyone is wallowing in misery except Dong Hee and Ma Ri. But Dong Seok surprisingly finds an unlikely ally in Kang Daddy, Hae Won suddenly finds an ally in her mom. Family ties are slowly being mended, albeit cautiously. Dong Seok has finally given up his fantasy of running away with Hae Won and makes a couple of rational, pragmatic decisions, including the option of letting her go if things becomes too terrible to endure.

KD states a marriage is impossible between DS and HW, and then heads back to the house to try curry favour with SS. I kinda like how twin uncles are just pure horrified by their hyung. DS and HW decide to give it all this time: not forsaking their families, not forsaking each other, and just see how they will end up finally. DH and Ajumma have a heart-to-heart talk. KD is still refused staying…

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