review: Wonderful Season Episode 27-28



I can live with Dong Seok and Hae Won not getting back together if Dong Seok and Dong Hee continue to amp up their smashing bromance. Hae Won just irritates me now with her seesaw emotions and decision-making. The return of Kang Daddy does add some angst into the mix, but also a little comic relief since Kim Yeong Cheol is just having too much fun with the role. He of the cool, ruthless power-hungry villains in Iris and The Princess Man takes such a refreshing turn here as the useless, flamboyant ajusshi who aegyos and whines “Noona-yaaa” to Yoon Yeo Jeong. This pair of veterans steal the show when in the same frame. It’s ironically cute.

Kang Daddy’s reappearance throws everyone into a confusion and shock. Only DT seems somewhat welcoming his younger brothers remain annoyed and exasperated. It is a no brainer that SS refuses her errant husband…

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