review: Wonderful Season Episode 21-22



The bromance outshone the romance this weekend and I didn’t mind one bit. Dong Seok begins to reconnect with his family, while Dong Hee is on his way to becoming the best dongsaeng ever despite his brashness. And we have Dong Seok and Hae Won on a hug parade. Where was that hot kiss promised in the written preview? The preview definitely stated “Hot Kiss”, while the Korean media reviews after the broadcast mentioned “Hot Hug”. My question is what exactly is a “Hot Hug”? I get Hot Kiss, I get Warm Hug. But Hot Hug doesn’t compute with me. Unless they were rippin’ each other’s clothes off while hugging or something. I mean the DS-HW hugs were serviceable but they were definitely not hot.

When HW refuses to take DS’s hand, he walks away. While HW is staring after him in confusion, DS makes a call to OCS and…

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