review: Wonderful Season Episode 7-8

WS 7- 8



Oh my, I confess I miss seeing flashbacks of the teenage OTP. But we get adult Dong Seok and Hae Won agreeing to date again in order to use each other. Or so they claim. But we all know in the deepest recesses of their troubled hearts, they are yearning to confirm whether what they had when they were young was more than just a petty play of revenge or brief infatuation, but something genuine.

 DS straps DO in, shoots HW a hard look and drives off. HW’s gaze follows the departing car dejectedly. Once home, after carrying DO back to her home, DS returns to his, looking bothered. And we have the continuation of the Kang family chaos, which involves DH peeing on a 2PM poster and sleeping in a tent. HW trudges home to find a warning note posted on her apartment door by DH.DS is working late into…

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