review: Wonderful Season Episode 19-20

WS 19 – 20



I know heartbreak and noble idiocy are lurking on the horizon but right now I rather swoon a million times over Dong Seok’s extended proposal: “I want you to sleep in my room for a loooong time. So please just do that for me.” FAINT.DIE.RESUSITATE.FAINT AGAIN. Since when has no-nonsense ever sounded so wonderful??? Right. It’s the wonderful-lest Lee Seo Jin who is making my weekends so wonderful-lest.

Is LSJ taking some kind of wonder macho-sexy pill in real life that is spilling over to his character in this drama? Go watch him in the latest episode of Grandpas Over Flowers and drool over his mussed out-of-bed hair and morning forehead wrinkles. Anyway, he is so manly in Wonderful Season that it hurts – especially in these two latest episodes. Warning: I will be gushing over LSJ shamelessly throughout, so be prepared. HEH.

HW walks dazedly down the stairs, thinking…

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