review: Wonderful Season Episode 1-2

Some lovely person is filling in all the gaps of my first Korean weekend drama. Totally hooked on the show which I watch on Kbs website. So hooked I can’t even wait for eng sub version – so I end up watching it twice, once in Korean and once with eng sub. Our lovely blogger fills in all the blanks including music and Poetry. So appreciative.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.15.20 PM

Errr… I’m not too sure whether doing weekly reviews of Wonderful Season is a sane idea since the drama is slated for 50 episodes, but I’m gonna try my best to hang in there until the end. I’m embarking on this mainly because Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun have ensnared my OTP-shippy heart with just two episodes. Kim Hee Sun has been showing fabulous taste in leading men since her comeback from her six-year hiatus. Fabulous = breathlesssurvival’s fave men…HEH.

They had me at “Hello.” – or in this case, “Annyeonghaseyo.” That last scene in Episode 1 sees Hae Won (HW) delivering her greeting to Dong Seok in a detached, emotionless manner. But Dong Seok (DS) returns the greeting with one that fairly buzzes with heartfelt warmth and kindness. And then they exchange loaded gazes that simmer with so many unspoken questions, thoughts, regret and last of all…

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