And it begins…

This is a retroactive blog.  I had hoped to make entries as I went along my vacation but that was not to be.  Internet access in Beijing was excellent, spotty in Kashgar and non-existent in Turfan.  Fortunately, I had an old fashioned travel diary with me to help with recording memories.

I am just doing a little bit of western China (Xinjiang) – the northern silk road.  My goal is to see the old city of Kashgar and the remaining Hutongs of Beijing  before there is none left of either.  China is so busy modernizing it has little time or space for historical preservation.    I am taking in a little bit of the Pamiers and some of western Chinese mummies.

One thing I’ve noticed in all my reading and research is that there aren’t many guidebooks for my kind of traveling.  I am not the young backpacker, nor am I a top of the line traveler.  I am in the middle, sometimes I am a do-it-yourselfer and sometimes, someone else gets to drive.

I’ve done the planning and research myself.  I speak a little Mandarin and read none.  Thus far, I have been relying on Google Chrome and its translation abilities for help with reservations.  I plan on covering minute details to help anyone else who is planning a DIY trip through Xinjiang, China.

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